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About Annai trust

Annai Trust is an Registered Trust in Arungunam Kuchipalayam. We aid those who are in need and locate them by visiting their places of residence and conducting family surveys.

We have also assisted numerous students and women in this society for their welfare and development. In accordance with government regulations, we are currently registered and performing service for the Annai Trust.

Our main goal is to help the children in this culture who are all very underdeveloped, who have either lost one or both of their parents, or who have been abandoned by both sets of parents.

A group of five individuals established Our Annai Trust . Registered on June 29, 2011, at the Nellikuppam Sub-Registrar's Office in the Cuddalore District. 116/2011 is the registration number.Since that time, financial support for raising awareness about ending child labor and helping boys and girls has been provided by Annai Trust to the foundation's contributors and members. youth, students.conducting drug addiction prevention awareness campaigns and holding nighttime special classes for pupils in economically underdeveloped villages with teachers who have finished teacher preparation.

Numerous youngsters have benefited from its numerous good deeds, including many rural students. Due to their poverty and lack of access to fundamental rights like food, clothes, shelter, education security, maintenance, etc., the majority of children who have lost one or both of their parents for a variety of reasons and who are ignored by their parents end up working as youngsters in the current circumstances.Some kids develop drug addictions.

Some people fall prey to the anti-nationalists' snares. These kids grow up to be juvenile offenders. Later, they develop into criminals who carry out crimes. particularly boys,To set up a home for the children who require care and protection, who have lost their mother, father, or both due to fatal diseases like Corona, various accidents, and domestic violence, and to provide them with basic needs like food, clothing, hygiene, and protection.

Our Vision

Our aim is to build a better environment and create awareness of issues that impact everyone in order to improve quality of life.

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Upcoming Developments

  • Our major aim is to Build Children home.

    02 January 2015

  • Coducting Medical camp every month.

    9 July 2014

  • Every day Free Tution for Students.

    14 June 2014

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